Monday, July 25, 2016

Life Repeats Itself

Imagine my surprise to see I hadn't published a thing on this blog for a year! And so much has so much has remained the same. I wonder if that's what life is like when you get older?
First things first: I moved again! I know, I loved having a house, but it was so far away from all my activities that I spent all my time driving. So I put the house on the market and it sold within a week! Where to move? I knew I wanted to go back to Boca. But....Buy? Rent? My daughter suggested rent, so that's what I did. More downsizing, but it wasn't as difficult as I expected. And what a great location! Dead center of town, first floor, and I can even see the lovely community pool from the second bedroom. It's actually worked out beautifully. I just moved my living room from one place to another.

Nobody on either side of me either, so it's quiet. A fairly new complex, attractive, nice amenities, rather large, but all ages, which is nice.

Of course, right now, my living room looks like this:

Something about fixing possible air conditioning leaks, every apartment in the complex will have to go through this...I feel sorry for those with pets and/or kids.. As Gilda Radner used to say: "It's always something!"

Then, sadly, one of my very good friends had surgery, was on the mend in rehab and suddenly died! It's been a shock to all of us...they discovered she had blood clots in her lungs. I'd been to see her just the day before and while she didn't seem to be improving very quickly, she was alert, normal and all she wanted to do was get home.
RIP, Polly.

And my last bit of news? Remember this post? Petty Surgery. Well, it's happening to my other knee. And this time, the cortisone shot didn't help much. Hoping to hold off surgery until the end of August, if I can stand the pain.

Are any of you watching The Great British Baking Show? Such fun (LOVE Paul Hollywood!) and you can watch some of the first episodes (called The Great British Bake Off in Great Britain) on Netflix and UTube. Last night I saw one of their older shows with just Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood making Christmas treats....found it accidentally as I was scanning through anything with the British title. They were so cute together and the recipes amazing. See if you can find's the link online:

Lastly: I am making NO comments about anything political. Here or on Facebook. I promise.

Can you believe only 5 months until we're all thinking about Christmas?

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