Thursday, June 5, 2014

Petty Surgery

Amid dire warnings from friends about pain, scars and a long rehab, I went ahead with the outpatient surgery for my torn meniscus, a complaint I posted about in Petty Injuries. Only one lone voice said: "it's a snap. One day of your knee swelling up and that's about it. Oh, and BTW: the recumbent bike is the best rehab." Guess what? She was right.

Yesterday was my one week post surgery check-up and even the doctor, as he handed me photos of the knee during surgery (and explained what was going on in there), admitted this surgery has changed drastically in recent years. Are these photos amazing or what?

What once involved large scars and painful rehab, has been reduced to two teeny scars, very little pain and easy rehab. Although the first night, there was enough pain for me to take two Advil. They shoot the knee full of novocaine the day of surgery which lasts 7-8 hours, so you can walk right out under your own steam. Honest. I couldn't believe it. But when the novocaine wears off that first night, well, Advil helped. But I never took it again. Within 6 days of surgery, I was on the recumbent bike AND took a weight class the next day.

Don't think I'm back to normal though. There are some signs of arthritis in that knee (no doubt both knees), although I've never had knee pain. Kind of normal for my age. It's still slightly swollen, I certainly can't kneel and no torquing that knee. Big no-no. While I'm doing well, the doctor suggested at least one session with a physical therapist, which I scheduled.

So don't believe every ghastly thing your friends and family tell you...check it out with the doctor AND someone who's had the same surgery recently.