Monday, November 3, 2014

Thank you, Google

When I hear people say: what did you do before cell phones? (back in the dark ages of my youth) my first response is: never mind cell phones, what did we do without Google? And yes, we had encyclopedias and dictionaries, but I did something yesterday that would have been impossible 50 years ago. While it brought me pleasure to solve a problem so easily, I realized we take turning to Google to solve problems for granted and the computer generations that follow don't know any other way.
So this post is a little thank you for all the pesky problems Google solves. Sometimes even big problems. (And please, let's not get into invasion of privacy issues right now.)

I replace my foodie blog header jpg as the fall seasons change and yesterday when I switched from Halloween pumpkins to turkeys, the white background turned pink. What's up with that? I've been doing this for several years and never had that happen. I decided to give it a day or two to pull itself together, but it didn't change. I tried everything I could think of and believe me, I'm no slouch in the computer department. (Yes, I tried re-installing. I even took it into Photoshop to dump more white in the background. No dice.)

OK, so I asked Google. Wording the question to get the right response is always a puzzler. After several tries, I must have hit on the right wording as I found a page of other people asking the same question. Don't you love those forums? They make you feel less an idiot (most of the time anyway) and it's always a relief to read someone else gets as annoyed as you are and just as helpless to solve the problem.
I read through the forum  questions and suggestions and finally found the answer.
The problem? Google +.  Who'd have thought? The solution? So simple. There it was. I did as suggested, went back, but alas, the photo was still pink. Then it occurred to me to do exactly what my old computer teacher always said to do: when in doubt, remove it entirely and reinstall. Voila! A white background.

Google, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Why do these simple little computer problems create such havoc? Why am I thinking about this at night? Why am I even bothering to blog about this silly thing?
World Peace. That's what I should be worrying about. Not pink backgrounds. Oh well.

(And in the event pink jpg backgrounds ever happen to you, here's the advice:)

"I was going to suggest that Image Enhance might be the cause. I will give you that information just in case.
The Image Enhance setting in is Google +. (It happens even if you do not have a Google + account.) To rectify the situation, log in to your Google + account and find the setting for Image Enhancement and answer it with a no. 

If you do not have Google +, you will have to create a Google + account just to correct this. 

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