Thursday, October 31, 2013


My mother, many years ago, stared at herself in a large mirror in her living room, then turned to me and said: "Who's that old lady in the mirror?" At the time, she was about 85. I smiled, patted her shoulder sympathetically and really didn't give any thought to what she was really saying.
That is....until recently.
You see, now I am on the wrong side of 75. And that lady in the mirror? She is me. Understanding dawns. Yes, that lady in the mirror is what everyone else sees, but not what I see. I see someone 25 or 30. It's difficult to comprehend for those of you who are young, but no matter what the mirror reflects, inside I feel young.
I consider this to be one of Martha Stewart's "good things."

I'm starting this new blog to record thoughts, ideas and memories as I meander into old age. I have become, in fact, a geezer. OMG.
Never fear, I'm just being realistic. You can't deny numbers, but you can sure defeat them.


Karen Xavier said...

I love this poignant reflection... wistful post.

Reggie Darling said...

I'm 57, and when I look in the mirror I, too, see peering through the face of a much younger man. Somewhere in his 30s, no more than 45. That's not what other see, but that's what I feel. You have good company! Reggie