Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gym Rant

If I don't hit the gym first thing in the morning, it isn't going to happen. No...I don't like going. Yes, I'm proud of myself after it's all over, but I really hate it and I'm a clock-watcher while I'm there. One thing though....I've never thought it had a damn thing to do with weight. Weight is simply calories in, calories out, period. But hitting the gym makes you feel better, stronger, younger, prouder and no doubt keeps your body in decent shape, muscle-wise, perhaps firmer, but don't expect to lose weight if you continue eating the way you always have. It just doesn't work that way. I'm not self motivated, so I always take classes. Misery wants company. LOL

Gym rats always intrigue me. I leave immediately after class, no hanging about. Some girls spend half their lives there...class after class. Spin, weights, yoga. Perfectly toned bodies. Abs like rocks. I didn't look like that when I was 16 and I was pretty athletic, too. Don't they have lives? Perfection is so boring.

Why is it some instructors actually have followers? I mean they hang around the teacher like lemmings. I'm not talking about just liking the way a teacher handles a spin class, so you take all her/his classes, I'm talking about actual cliques. Do you think they hang with each other outside the gym?

And gym costumes. I'm always suspicious about things that match perfectly. If you're going to work out...just some Danskins and a tee. When we have a sub or a new instructor, I can tell how things are going to go just by what they're wearing.
Makeup at the gym? Whatever for? In case you meet someone? Well, I guess anything's possible. More so at night I should think. So why at 8:30 in the morning would you wear eye liner?! I always wonder if the gym is their social club. Well, forget it....I'm never going to get hit on as I'm way too old for nine tenths of them, let alone I'm always a sweaty mess. Besides, my daughter says I don't throw off any pheromones. (Don't you love it?)

But by God, I go, work out and finish the classes, too. No matter how hard. Step, weights, Zumba. Pretty good for an old broad.